Twins Trailers: The trailer company

Twin Arc was founded in 1997 with steel construction as its core activity. The production of trailers was added later only as a side venture. Throughout the years the demand for trailers has grown exponentially which lead the board of directors to shift more resources and focus into that branche.

Twin Arc NV today is specialised in all sort of trailers from 500kg up to 3500 kg. Production and assembly are done on different locations which together make up for more than 35,000m2. Next to line production, Twin Arc NV also builds custom made trailers tailored to any requirement.

Founded 1997
First core activity Steel construction comp.
Yearly production 3500 trailers
# of countries 14
# of dealers 125
Production surface 35.000m²

International dealer network

Twin ARc NV has a vast netowrk of dealers in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany and Poland. On regular basis, trailers are exported to Turkey, Suriname, New Zealand, Thailand and even a few African nations. If you wish to become a certified reseller, please contact us  through our contact page. Our dealer network consists of organisations of different sizes from small to big and also includes trailer rentals.


Retail and custom trailers

Our trailers are used for both private and industrial use. There is also the possibility to build tailor made solutions. We take on all steps of the process from concepting to assembly. The production is under strict control and all technical drawings are produced in professional matter. Read more about our tailor made trailers.