Properly cleaning your trailer

Cleaning the trailer

Regular cleaning and maintenance of the trailer will increase the trailer’s durability. Clean your trailer after every use on roads that are covered with salt or after every transporting cargo that holds acidic components. 

Cleaning is properly done with a high pressure cleaner, but caution is advised to not damage any electronic parts. Use the pressure cleaner at a distance of about 70cm and at a pressure of max 50 bar between the cleaner head and the surface. Be cautious using aggressive chemical cleaning liquids as they can damage the trailer. It’s not recommended to use chemical cleaning liquids that contain salts or acidic substances. Also avoid the spill of liquids on vulnerable electronic parts (like the battery pack, cooling unit or taillights).

Do not use the pressure cleaner on the following parts:

  • Lighting components
  • Nose wheel or support legs
  • Hydraulics
  • Coupling component
  • Marking flags
  • Closures and seams